Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Bornprettystore New Powders Swatch & Review

Hey All!!

Back with another Bps review, this time it's their glitter powder and also the newest release mirror powder.
I am not a huge fan of powders but since these looked really good on the website, I had to try them out and see if they are any way similar to what they look on the website.

Starting off with my favorite out of the two,

This is Gold Holo 0.2 mm glitter and it looks divine on my nails. I have to say!!
SO pretty so gorgeous, I cannot stop appraising its beauty for this reason. Use it on Gel base and dust it all over your nails then cure your nails and remove the excess. And voila!!

Look at that macro!Tho!!

Okay moving on to the last one!! It's a Mirror chrome.

One Coat of Chrome Powder

Apparently, it was supposed to look like a mirror chrome too :\ But for some reason, I could not spread the powder to the entire nail as you will see below I did two coats for it to completely hide the base but it just couldn't. Maybe because I didn't use gel color base as they advised and only Gel Topcoat, but really what is the use of gel color when you are gonna apply the powder yo the gel top coat only??

Two Coats of Chrome Powder

If anyone of you knows the answer, clear my mind down in the comments.:)

So that was it for today!!

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You can get all the Born Pretty Store products used above from the store links below:

Gold Glitter powder (38962): http://www.bornprettystore.com/born-pretty-laser-paillette-glitter-powder-holo-gold-silver-manicure-nail-sequins-p-38962.html

Mirror Chrome powder(40927): http://www.bornprettystore.com/born-pretty-mirror-silver-nail-powder-shining-chrome-pigment-manicure-nail-glitter-dust-p-40927.html

You can get many varieties of stuff at their website.


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