Sunday, December 31, 2017

BeautyBigBang Review + Nail Arts

Hey all!
Hope you all had a lovely Christmas with your families.
I sure had and put on a lot of holiday weight as well:D
Anyway! As my last blog post for this year, I have few item review I got from Beautybigbang to share with you.

So without any further ado lets get started!

The first thing that I got from them are these coffin-shaped clear false nail tips.

As this was my first time using any false tips on my nails, I was kind of skeptical if they would work for me or not, and the first time I tried, I used very little nail glue and tips ended up coming off the other day, so I decided to go with a bit more glue this time and they stayed for like a week and for me that was more than enough. Now to talk about their sizing, I kinda had a very hard time to find my right sizes, and eventually ended up trying the maximum number ones for all my nails, maybe because my nails were not wide enough. Anyway, I loved these and I still have them on my right-hand nails.

Next item which I got is this stamping plate, now I know Christmas is over that's why I did this new year design using the fireworks image from this plate.

I really liked how the images came sharp and clear from this plate.For my base, I used Dance legend Aurum and then stamped using some chrome powders from mitty.

The last time which I received is these two glitter tapes in black and green color.

They are supposed to be used as a design tape on your nails, but I was highly disappointed with its durability as they start to come off right after I did my mani even after I top coated it, maybe I should have top coated it twice or thrice? I don't know!Maybe!
I did these simple glitter tip nails with the black one and for my accent nail did the stripes.

Anyway, that's it for my review of these items, for the website sure have great things to say as they have large varieties of items to select from and also their packaging is pretty great.

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 Xmas Nail Art Stamping Plate J6402TM-2A -

Fake Coffin Nail Tips J4142-3C -

Laser Stripes Nails Tips Sticker -

You can get many varieties of stuff at their website.



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