Friday, November 24, 2017

BornprettyStore Top Coats Review +Nail Arts

Hey All!!!
Today I am back for a quick and short review on few of the Top Coats that I got from
Two of them are Gel Topcoats and remaining one is a regular one but with an exceptional quality which we are about to see.

Okay, so the first one is Born Pretty No Smudge Topcoat. It is supposed to be used over your nail art or even just plain nails, but to try it out I used it over the most likely to get smudged nail art and that is Zig Zag lines!!!!
AM I right!!?? They get smudged so easily and so bad. So I had to try this Topcoat over it and to my surprise, it actually didn't smudge it at all! And it's a fast drying too!! Double Score !:D

Although it does come with a drawback, it smells like some antiseptic liquid that is used in hospitals, but if you can ignore that, it is the holy grail top coat you need for your smudgeless( If it's even a word) art.

Next one is Bornpretty Uv\Led Gel No Wipe Topcoat, you heard me right, it's a no-wipe which I was looking for for quite some time now. It does fulfill its purpose, it does give you a shiny glossy finish without any sticky layer, but..but..but.. it did have a major drawback which I sure wasn't able to ignore and because of which I would not give a 10/10 and that is, it was very gooey which made it very hard to evenly apply it all over my nail, not sure if it was a defected bottle or just how it is, whatever it is, I didn't like it very much!

For the nail art, i used this gorgeous black with holo snowflake foil from bornprettystore as well.

The last one is my absolute favorite, it's a Bornpretty Matte no Wipe Topcoat, and oh man!! the finish it gives its just so amazing!!! I love it, does all its work and the best part is its formula was so good to apply.

So that's it for today guys!!

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You can get all the Born Pretty Store products used above from the store links below:

No Smudge Topcoat(29150):

No wipe gel top coat(39795):

No wipe gel matte top coat(40707):

Snowflake foil (#40132):

You can get many varieties of stuff at their website.


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