Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Born Pretty Store - Lip Gloss Swatches & Review

Hey All!
So I Received these lip products a few months back from Bornprettystore and I am finally sharing my review and swatches of these with you after using it for months!!

I will share my views on each along with their info.
So lets jump right to it.

First one is Time on my lip 08 - It's a gorgeous mauve pink lipstick, it has a matte finish but it doesn't dry out my lips which I really love about this one, Also It was not patchy or anything as you can clearly see in the picture. 

Next, is Born Pretty Lipstick No 11 - It's an eggplant purple pink, It also has a matte finish and keeps my lip moisturized, although when applied, appears a little patchy or leaves bald spots at some places but when applied twice, I guess it will be good.I personally liked how it looked on me as I am brown skinned, it looked great.

Last one is  Lip tint - Its a lip tint in reddish pink shade, it has to applied like a gloss covering your entire lip and let it dry, once it dries peel it off and your lip will be stained in pink color, I absolutely loved the concept the first time I used it, but the application process is a bit messy as it comes in a squeeze tube, you need to use lip brush to apply it and since it dries quickly, your lip turns out to be a whole mess if you don't apply it quickly, but I believe the result are worth the mess at least to me.

Overall, if you are looking for cheap yet good lip glosses, you might wanna consider these.

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You can get all the Born Pretty Store products used above from the store links below:

Time on my lip 08  -  http://www.bornprettystore.com/matte-velvet-lipstick-moisturing-lipstick-long-lasting-lubric-colors-p-28378.html (Product code #28378)

Born Pretty Lipstick No 11 - http://www.bornprettystore.com/long-lasting-stick-matte-velvet-stick-matte-gloss-best-stick-p-23980.html(Product code #23980)

Lip tint - http://www.bornprettystore.com/magic-mask-tattoo-tint-pack-sexy-long-lasting-gloss-stick-colors-p-18329.html(Product code #18329)

You can get many varieties of stuff at their website with FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Moo Moo's Signatures Only True Love Breaks The Enchantment - Swatches And Review

Hey All!!
Have you seen the movie Beauty and the Beast? Did you like it?
I am a huge Disney fan so I absolutely loved it like every other Disney fan!!
So Talking about beauty and the best, I have Moo Moo's Limited edition duo Swatches to share with you which was inspired by this movie. You will know once you see the polishes, I won't even need to name them, but still, I will do. LOL #Bloggingrules

So now that you have seen both the pretty shades, you know which one is inspired by the beautiful gown belle Wears and which one from the beast outfit!!
So Let's Look at more swatches!! Shall we?

Dancing With Beauty: A stunning dusty yellow base with silver flakies and golden yellow shimmer in it, the combination of both these along with the yellow base makes it look super gorgeous just like the outfit Emma Watson wore in the movie. Shown here are 2 thin coats, plus top coat.

Moo Moo Dancing With Beauty:

Moo Moo Dancing With Beauty:

Moo Moo Dancing With Beauty:

The Beast Is A Prince: It's a duty dark blue with yellow shimmer, although the shimmer didn't appear much on my swatches but it was quite visible in person. But it's an older formula, Mei Mei reformulated this colors and now the shimmer is stronger and very much visible !!

Moo Moo The beast is a prince

Moo Moo The beast is a prince

Moo Moo The beast is a prince

Overall both of these looked pretty nice to me, both color and formula wise.

I also have a discount code for 10% off on your entire order from her shop.

This collection is available on MOO MOO SIGNATURES official website.

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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Kaliedoscope Brights - Swatches & Review

Hey All!!
Miss me?? :D
First of all I would like to apologize for the lack of posts past couple of months, I have been very busy in life, but I planning to get back to blogging, so hopefully, I will!!

Today's post is to share swatches of the Kaleidoscope Brights Polishes, I have tried this brand and their neons before and I absolutely loved them back then, keep on reading to know my thoughts on these 4.
Kaliedoscope Brights

Swatch info: Used 2 coats (1 thin + 1 thick) for all of these, sealed it with a glossy top coat from El Corazon and its clicked in an artificial soft light. Colors may vary a little depending on your monitor settings.

So let's begin!!

Kaleidoscope 04: A beautiful bright pink creme, formula wise it was very nice and buttery, covered really well with 2 coats, no bald spots whatsoever.

Kaleidoscope 04

Kaliedoscope 06: A bright neon parrot green, super amazing formula, unlike other green neons I tried, this one didn't disappoint me with an uneven application or bald spots.

Kaleidoscope 06

Kaleidoscope 11: A subtle coral creme, the color didn't appeal to me as its a very common color, its formula was good.

Kaleidoscope 11

Kaleidoscope 12: A gorgeous sea green creme, my camera was not able to capture its entire beauty but it's just so damn gorgeous slightly darker than the shown picture, you should definitely have such color in your stash. This one was my first!!! And I loved it.

Kaleidoscope 12

So Overall I loved them all but if you ask my favorite it would definitely be Number 12, perfect sea green!!

You can get these as well as their other polishes from their online store.

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