Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Holographic Powder Nail Art Using Holo Powder

Hey, all!
Today I bring you yet another Nail art but this time it's a very simple one yet classy looking(At least to me):P

Holographic Powder Nail Art

AS you all must be aware of these holographic/ chrome powders that are popular market by now. So I recently got this Holo Powder from Bornprettystore and instead of reviewing it by simply applying it on black gel polish, I thought of doing a nail art with it.

Holographic Powder Nail Art

So first of all let me explain how it works. It only sticks to gel polishes whether it's a gel base or gel top coat. They say if you are using a top gel then it should be a non-wipe one, but I used the wipe one and it still worked. You only need a little amount of powder to cover your entire nail. What I love about this powder is that they have very intense linear holographic finish in it which is even visible under lowest light source.

Holographic Powder Nail Art

Okay so moving onto the nail art, I used Painted Polish Mulled wine by moonlight as base, then I topped it with A gel top coat from Sparkle and Co. cured it and then I placed two french tip vinyl, one near the cuticle making a semi-circle and second near the edge as we do for french tip nails, then simply wiped the powder using the silicone brush which comes with it leaving the centre part of the nail. Once done removed the vinyl, took some striping tapes and placed them diagonally one by one in the middle space we left earlier starting from top right to down left then top left to down right ending up making tiny squares diagonally. Then just did the same thing with the powder, removed the tapes once done and applied gel top coat in the end to seal it. That's it.

Holographic Powder Nail Art

Hope you like this design! Follow my blog for more upcoming designs and swatches.

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You can get all the Born Pretty Store products used above from the store links below:

Holographic Powder (#34834) : http://www.bornprettystore.com/1gbox-holographic-rainbow-laser-glitter-powders-with-silicone-brush-manicure-nail-decoration-p-34834.html

You can get many varieties of stuff at their website.


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