Sunday, August 14, 2016

Nail Art & Review - LadyQueen Stamping Plates & Stamper

Hey, everyone!!
Today I have something other than my usual swatch posts and that is Nail art!!
Yayy! For something different. Well, I will try to upload more nail arts from now on:)

So Ladyqueen is an online store where you can find numerous amounts of nail art supplies and also makeup stuff etc. It's like a one-stop for all your beauty needs;)
The owner sent me few  kinds of stuff for my honest review which included 2 stamping plates and one Jelly transparent stamper.

So Let's talk a bit about the products first and then I will get on to the Nail art.

JQ L17

Stamping plate JQ L17 has all these geometric and some other patterns in it, the plate does come with a blue film on top to protect the plate but it also has one downside and that is it doesn't come with any back cover so the edges of the plate can be sharp and it might cut you so take care while you use these. The etching was very nice and deep so the pickup was good.


Stamping plate JQ L1 has again all the geometric and few other designs in it. Etching was again nice in this one.

Clear Jelly stamper is a medium squishy one, its head is transparent so you can see where you place the design on your nails which is why it's called clear lol, well the pickup was nice, but I did wash the stamper head with soap and water to remove all the dirt, so you might need to do that as well.

Now onto the Nail Art, I created using the 2 stamping plates.

Geometric Stamped Nails

Geometric Stamped Nails

JQ L17 :  I created these Neon Boxes mani with this plate, I started off with white base polish, then using the stamper(Shown above) and black stamping polish I transferred  the boxes image onto the stamper and colored the empty boxes with the neon colors and then applied the fast drying top coat to my base polish, waited for it to get touch dry and transfer the image directly onto my nail using the  stamper.

Gradient stamped nails

Gradient stamped nails

Gradient stamped nails

JQ L1 : With this Stamping plate I created these Arrow gradient nails, first I created the gradient using China glaze Urban night, Dance Legend Step in style color 9 and Lacc 1992 on the Lacc 1992 base, sealed it with fast drying Top coat. Then I just simply picked up the arrow image using black stamping polish and the Clear jelly stamper and transferred it directly to the nail.

Overall I loved the plates etching and designs in them. The stamper is really a necessity if you suffer from the displacement of images like I do, it helps to place the design right where you want:)

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You can get all the products used above from the store links below:(They Also Ship WORLDWIDE for Free)


Stamping Plate JQ L17 (#0869) :

Stamping Plate JQ L1(#0427):

You can get many varieties of stuff at their website.

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