Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Born Pretty Store Stamping Plates And Squishy Stamper Review + Nail Art


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I am really sorry for being MIA for so long. I was admitted to hospital for typhoid and I just got back home a couple of days ago and I am still recovering. Today I have another stamping plates review and this one is from Born Pretty Store. I will also be reviewing Born Pretty Store Squishy stamper (which comes separately and not along with the plates).

Born Pretty Store is your one-stop destination for all your nail art needs. They also carry stuff for makeup, clothing, jewellery needs and much more. You get all the stuff in a pretty affordable price range. They also provide FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING. 

I will be showing you 1 nail art using each of their plates, their squishy stamper, but before I show you them, let me tell you a bit about the products shown above. 

Stamping Plates - The plates comes in a rectangular one side opened envelope cover whose material is thick so it's good to store your plates if you don't have a case for them. Each plate comes with a blue film for its protection from any scratch which you need to remove before using the plate(which I removed earlier). Each plate measures 12.5 * 6.5cm. Both the plates image were properly etched for easy and clean pickup.

Squishy Stamper - This stamper comes in 2 different colors, one is Translucent and other is red. I chose red because I heard good things about it. It comes with a plastic scraper. The stamper picks up good, but it misses some spots here and there(which can be because mine came with a tiny dent, on which they agreed to send a replacement head ) which is totally avoidable with the given price range. The holder of the stamper is plain steel which I covered with black glitter for better hold. It didn't need any priming, I just washed it once with warm water and soap.

Teal Green Stamping Polish - The stamping polish comes in a 15ml bottle. It's very pigmented and transfers onto the nail really well. The only drawback I found was that it has a very strong smell, so you better use it in a well-ventilated room, otherwise it's a complete win-win.

Okay so now let's look at the nail art looks I created using the products.

BPL024 Pink Gradient nails with stamping

BPL-024 (Floral themed images) - For this look, I first created a gradient using Dance Legend 540, El Corazon 423/263 Cream and Absolute New York Pure White over a white base. Then I stamped the diagonal floral image from the BPL-024 Plate using NailMatinee White stamping polish and Red Squishy Stamper from Born Pretty Store. Then finally topped it with the glossy HK Girl Topcoat.

BPL024 Pink Gradient nails with stamping

BPL024 Pink Gradient nails with stamping
This plate has a lot of floral theme designs!<3

The Pickup is really good.Right!?

BPS-008 (Arabesque themed images) - For this look , I started with Dance Legend 538 as my base, Made a decal of this beautiful garnish/border image from BPL-008 using the stamper and the teal stamping polish , and applied a thin layer of top coat over the image on the stamper, once dry peeled it off from the stamper and placed it onto my base polish near the cuticle and sealed it off with a glossy top coat. 

BPL008 Neon summer nails

BPL008 Neon summer nails

BPL008 Neon summer nails

BPL008 Neon summer nails

It picked up real nice again!

Overall I loved the plates etching and designs in them, The squishy stamper and the polish. The best thing about them is that they are super affordable and perfect for beginners as well as others.

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You can get all the Born Pretty Store products used above from the store links below:

You can get many varieties of stuff at their website.


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