Saturday, January 30, 2016

NailMatinee Nail Art Stamping Plates Review

Hello, beautiful people!
Today I have a very different review to share with you! I will be reviewing two different stamping plates I received from the new to me brand NailMatinee.

 NailMatinee is a brand which is owned by one of my nail buddy Nisha, she created this brand keeping Indian people in mind, who struggle to get international Stamping plates at a very high price , so she thought to create variety of plates at a very reasonable prices so that our Indian fellow nail artists can get their hands on them more easily. She not only has wide variety stamping plates(including Indian festive ones) but also stamping polishes, Squishy stampers as well as the new NailMatinee Nail Decal Mat which is perfect to create stamping decals/ swatching.

I got two plates NM07 and NM13 for review, one includes 12 different illusive images and the other one has candy crush and angry birds images in it respectively. I will be creating 1 Nail art design using each plate. These both plates have very nicely etched images. These plates measure exactly the same as Bundle Monster or Born Pretty Stamping plates.

So first, I used the plate NM07 and I created a simple Illusion nail art using Dance Legend Luxy Glam as a base. The stamper I used for picking up the crispy image is also from NailMatinee (PURCHASED BY ME), it's super squishy and picks up the image without any need for priming it. I also used white stamping polish from NailMatinee.

Nail Matinee Review

Squishy right!?

 The look I created is this classy textured illusive nails. Luxy glam from Dance legend is a beautiful pinkish coral textured polish with a gold shimmer in it. I just love it!

Illusive Nails

Illusive Nails

Illusive Nails

A video tutorial will be up on my Instagram page, so if you need it you can visit my page here.

Next look is created using the NM13 which contains angry birds and candy crush images, I used angry bird images for this look.
I used Azature light blue diamond as the base, blue stamping polish from Urban nail art, Kaleidoscope black stamping polish and many other colors for filling the birds. The stampers I used here is from Bundle monster and Faburnails, the reason I didn't use the NailMatinee stamper for this look is because the smaller the stamper size, more conveniently I can line the image because HEY! I am just a beginner(Lining the image is very hard!). Experts can use any size stamper to line the images because they are experts duh!

Angry Bird Nails

Angry Bird Nails

Well, Excuse my imperfections in filling the birds. I tried my best to color them properly.

Angry Bird Nails

Here is how it looks in a close up! Not bad huh!?

Angry Bird Nails

Tutorial for this look will also be up on my Instagram page here.

Final Verdict: I loved to play with both the plates, the images are etched deep enough that makes it easy to pick it up and transfer (IMPRESSED!). My favorite out of both was Illusion one because I don't like cartoons much lol, but if you do, it's perfect for you or your kiddos, if you have one!

You can get NailMatinee products by directly messaging Nisha on her facebook or Instagram page. She will soon have her website up and the good news is she is also taking International orders now!

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