Thursday, December 24, 2015

Serendipity Nail Lacquer - Coastal Christmas Collection Swatches And Review

Merry Christmas lovelies!!
Today I have swatches of Serendipity Nail Polish Coastal Christmas Collection to share with you. Since its quite late here and it's already 25th, I will be wrapping this post short.

Serendipity Nail Polish is a new Indie polish brand which came out with its first collection this December and it's named as Coastal Christmas Collection consisting of 3 cremes, 1 chunky glitter, and 1 holographic micro glitter. Serendipity Nail Polish is 5 free, vegan and cruelty-free.

 Let's begin with the swatches now shall we?

Peace Love & Sandy Feet - A gorgeous peachy nude creme. The formula was smooth and the application was easy, the only thing that bothers me is to use 3 coats for the full opacity, other than that it's a perfect nude. Shown here is 3 thin coats with Finishing touch top coat.

Pink Poinsettia - A lovely barbie pink creme. The formula was smooth again. It gets opaque in 2 easy coats which is good. All the barbie pink lovers most certainly need this in their stash. Shown here is 2 thin coats with Finishing touch top coat.

Big Red Bow - A stunning blood red creme. This red is a dream come true for me because I love red polishes, but the only thing that bothers me with reds are that they stain and need 2 coats or more usually, but this one here is a miracle indeed because it only needs one single coat to be fully opaque and it didn't stain as well, at least not on my nails. Shown here is 1 thin coat with Finishing touch top coat.

Starfish Tree Topper - A beautiful metallic gold with silver glitters in it. This is very new and unique kind of textured polish in my stash. The application and formula didn't bother me at all considering the fact that it's full of tiny glitters. Shown here is 2 thin coats with Finishing touch top coat.

Holo- Day Lights - A marvelous silver micro glitter holographic polish in a clear base. It's not a unique holo for my collection, but it's definitely the prettiest one among the others I have similar to this. It can be opaque with 3 easy coats or you can use the sponging method for full coverage. It's a stunning holo but unfortunately, I couldn't capture its real beauty with my camera. Shown here is 1 coat of dabbing with the sponge plus Finishing touch top coat.

Overall I loved this collection entirely, the colors are all season colors so you don't have to wait till next holiday to use them again :D The formula is outstanding in these despite the fact that it's just their first collection. Can't wait to see what they create in thier next collection. My top picks are Big Red Bow and Holo- Day Lights.

** With every order you make you get their stunningly fast drying "Finishing Touch" Top coat for free which is so awesome right!!**

You can get this collection at Serendipity Nail Polish online shop.

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