Monday, November 16, 2015

Bundle Monster Shangri-la Plate BM-S110 Review, Nail Art + Tutorial

Hey, Everyone!!
Today I have  a mini review on the Bundle Monster recently released Shangri-La Plate BM-S110 which was released along with other 9 plates in this collection.

I have always loved Bundle Monster Stamping plates due to many reasons, like affordable price, beautiful designs, perfect etching etc.
Now if I talk about the Shangri-la plates these come in a handy size which is square shaped in 2" * 2" measurement. All of them are made of stainless steel like others from this brand. These plates include a variety of designs ranging from Paisley patterns, Flower patterns to Abstract shapes. The whole set is sold for only 14.99$.

For today's post, I will be showing you a nail art I did with the plate BM-S110 which have leaves and tiny flowers enclosed between small boxes.

Now because this plate has so much variety in it, I decided to do all different designs on each of my nail using the reverse stamping technique.

For this look, I used 4 polishes from the recently released LVX Fall collection2015 for filling which wer so gorgeous to resist. I absolutely fell in love with this collection, the moment I laid my eyes on them whose swatches I will be sharing with you in my next blog post.:) For now let's just stick to the design now shall we?

Now let me clear the fact that I am very new to reverse stamping so if you experts out there see any mistakes, please excuse me:) Reverse stamping technique is a very fun yet a little time-consuming technique. But it's totally worth it!

 I am not gonna brag about it but look how perfect my ring finger turned out:D

Well, this post was supposed to be a short one but I just dont shut up now do I!? Silly me!
So now I will leave you with the full Youtube tutorial if you want one?:D, Of course, you do right!!:)) Scroll down!
All the product used are mentioned in my Youtube video description.

Overall I can undoubtedly say that this plate along with the other ones from this collection is worth every penny you spend, you get so much variety, designs, perfect etching in such low price.

You can get this Plate along with the others in the collection at Bundle Monster website.

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