Monday, September 28, 2015

Geometric Diamond Nail Art + Tutorial

Hey lovelies!
Today I have a pretty cool geometric design nail art to share with you!

Geometric diamond nail art

Yesterday when I was thinking about the fall colors, I immediately came up with this three color combo. The moment I got the combo, my mind started thinking about the design.
I was still sitting at my desk with no ideas. Then I took my vinyl box out and saw the Deep single chevrons vinyl on top! And Bingo!! I got the idea!!

And it was these diamond nails! I am happy to say that it looks exactly what I had in my mind ;) unlike the other times when my mind gives me good ideas and my mani comes out ugly! :/

Geometric diamond nail art

Geometric diamond nail art

Polishes I used: (With their respective links to buy from)
- Azature 'Camel Diamond'
- Azature 'Cream Diamond'
- Madam Glam 'Tiger Balm'
- UNA 'Speed Up' Top Coat

Tools used: (With their respective links to buy from)
- Deep Single Chevrons Vinyls from

Let's move on to the Tutorial now! :D

Geometric diamond nail art tutorial


  1. Start off by painting your nails with the base color (Azature camel) and top it with fast drying top coat.
  2. Place the 'V' Vinyl pointing towards the edge like shown. 
  3. Using a dotter and the other darker nude polish(Azature cream), cover the gap in between the ' V' vinyl.
  4. Remove the vinyl while the polish is still wet and top the design with a fast drying top coat.
  5. Now for the tricky part, place two 'V' vinyl making a diamond on top of the triangle we just created.
  6. Now take the dotter out again and with the orange polish(Madam Glam Tiger Balm) fill the gap in between.
  7. Remove the vinyl while the polish is still wet and apply a fast-drying top coat. 

Hope you all liked it!

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