Thursday, September 17, 2015

Abstract Polka Dot Nail Art

Hey, lovelies!
How is everyone doing?
Today I have a very unique yet easy nail art to show you and I named it Abstract Polka Dot Nails (Fancy right!?)

Abstract Polka dot nails
Excuse my middle nail again, it always ends up being messy:D
Polka Dots are the simplest and fun design to do on nails, it always looks cute no matter how big or small your nails are right!?
While Abstract patterns are the new trend in the nail industry so I combined abstract with polka dots!
I was inspired by an apron I saw on TV. It caught my eyes so I took a picture quickly so that I don't forget the design.(Who else finds inspirations while watching TV LOL?)
 I know it's not perfect, but I really like creating new things on my nails which nobody has done before(Call me crazy if you like lol)

Abstract Polka dot nails

Polishes I used: (With their respective links to buy from)

Tools used: (With their respective links to buy from)
Acrylic paints from Bornprettystore (You can use code RAGQ10 for 10 % off on your entire order)
A toothpick

  1. I started with a pink colored base polish from Color alike.
  2. Then with a thin brush started painting random boxes using mustard and black acrylic paint.
  3. Once done sealed it with fast drying top coat.
  4. With a toothpick made polka dots on top of the boxes using different colors for each colored boxes( White for black base, Black for mustard and Brown for pink)
  5. Finally sealed the design with fast drying top coat.
You can find a video tutorial (Here)

Abstract Polka dot nails

Hope you all liked it!

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