Monday, August 3, 2015

Dance Legend Multichromes - Swatches and Review

Hi, everyone!
Today I have three beautiful Dance Legend multichromes to share with you.

All of these are from different collections hence in different texture and finish. Each of these dries to a smooth finish despite the glitters in two of them.
All of the swatches are topped off with one coat of top coat (link down the post).
Let's get down to the swatches:)

First one is Roz from the Dance Legend Chameleon collection: Its a stunning multichrome which shifts from rosy purple to bronze/gold to olive green and intense green. Shown here is 2 thin coats with top coat. The formula was smooth and buttery though brush strokes were hard to avoid in this type of finish. Other than that its perfect <3
Just look at the different shifts in it!!! <3 Love it!

So pretty!!

Next is Milky Way from the Dance Legend Galaxy Collection: Its a gorgeous multichrome with scattered holo flakes. It shifts from teal to cobalt/purple to pink and orange, its formula is again smooth and buttery but a little sheer than the rest of the two. Shown here is 3 coats with top coat.

 Galaxy on my nails <3

Holo flakes add a beautiful finish to it !:)

Last one is Different View from the Dance Legend Holodays collection: Its a beautiful and unique linear holographic multichrome with holo particles in it which makes it very interesting. It shifts from purple to blue to burgundy and olive green. Shown here is 2 coats with top coat.

Gorgeous isn't it!?

You can see each shift in this macro!<3

(Under Flashlight)
Linear holographic base in it makes this multichrome an awesome polish;)

Overall I loved these multichromes for their smooth and buttery formula and uniqueness.Plus I didn't own any multichromes before, so when I got these I didn't think I would like them at all but these beauties stole my heart. If I have to choose a favorite that would be undoubtedly milky way, it's just outstanding!
You can get these beauties at their online store and with their stockists

Top coat: ( Use code for 10%off on the entire site: RAMIE10)

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  1. Gosh, wonderful swatches! They're all so dang pretty. I definitely can't pick a favorite........... I NEED THEM ALL!!!!

    1. Thanks, sweety!
      Yes, these multichromes are just outstanding!
      You totally need them all!;)